Photoblog, Book Fair, BLUBs and Javaschools


My nanban Ganesh has started his photoblog in the name of frozeninpixels.
He is a terrific photographer and am sure he’s gonna have a rocking time with his photoblog.


This week i also went to the much talked about and blogged about Book Fair in Chennai.
The crowd on weekends was just incredible. The stall that impressed me the most was Badri Seshadri’s Kizhakku Padipaggam. It was a real crowd puller. I visited the fair thrice and felt their stall was brimming with people all the time. I liked their print and cover design quality. It was smart strategy to come up with current affairs titles like ‘Saddam’ in Tamil. What’s more they even had Audio books to listen to.
I bought the Infosys NRN book for my mom. It was priced at 60 bucks. Frankly, i was a bit let down by the content quality. My mom liked it, but i kinda felt it had nothing new. I had already read most of the stuff from online and other sources. Maybe I was not the target audience for that book.
I also purchased Subramanya Raju Kadhaigal(Kizhakku) and Ratham Orey Niram by Sujatha(Uyirmai Pathipagam). Yet to read them.

BLUBs and JavaSchools

Recently, i managed to read old articles by Paul Graham and Joel Spolsky, i just want to know what the techie readers of mine think of these articles :)

Nayagan style a sollunga ba, Paul Graham Nallavara? kettavara? :D.
Same goes for Joel too :)

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  1. Dinesh says:

    Unrelated to this post – hehe series padichen (romba naal kappara blog ellam padikkaren)- super thalaiva ! Pinnitteenga !

  2. prabukarthik says:

    vaanga sir vaanga :) ungalai daan aavala thedittu irunden.. edhuku nu aprom solren :)

  3. BNB says:

    I don’t think Paul Graham goes down well with folks here, except with real nerds. He is brutally frank – the essays he writes are pretty deep. Even though he is very readable, even with that 60 column limit on his site, I had to buy his book to really grasp what he is saying. Recently, one line struck me as being really interesting – he says in one of his essays that, if you are not very busy doing whatever you are doing, you are probably not doing anything important! The book is full of stuff like that and I think it’s well worth the price. Besides the kind of stuff he advocates is not for the run of the mill IT employee in India. It’s for a class of people who are nearly non-existent in India and are only slowly beginning to take shape. We also don’t have a very healthy culture of criticism in our companies or even amongst friends. Most of us end up becoming fanboys; also why read anything that will shake your sense of security ? Joel is good, but he is not in the PG class – He also led the team that developed one of the most horrible languages in the world. Another favorite PG quote (not verbatim) – You can’t make a vehicle go faster by painting flames on the sides of the vehicle ;-)

  4. prabukarthik says:

    LOL on the last line :))

  5. prabukarthik says:

    btw BNB,
    adhu enna most horrible language in the world? summa oru general knowledge ku kekaren??

  6. J says:

    Haiii PK, How r u doing? Chumma hi sollaalamnu one of your old comments….thought abt you, ioiio Satya….hope you remember me :-)

  7. BNB says:

    Joel was the program manager for the Excel team at Microsoft @ one time – they developed VBScript. It’s on one of the essays on his site.

    When I started reading Paul Graham’s book, I was underlining all the lines that I found interesting.Soon I found that pretty much every page was full of pencil marks.

  8. Narayanan says:

    PK – Ratham ore Niram – Is it the one that was banned long long back in Kumudham?

    I miss the book fairs.! I wish I could be in India now atleast for the book fair.

  9. prabukarthik says:

    vaanga vaanga! :) how r u? long time no see?

    oh apdi poguda matter. let me read more on that :)

    Narayanan sir,
    spot on! adhey dhaan. i remember lazygeek mentioning it sometime back…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I too was impressed by “Kizhakku Padipaggam” publications and got the book about sadam( Iraq plus Saddam minus Saddam) for 100 bucks, to tell in a single line about the book its a collection of news paper headlines.

  11. ganshu says:

    Nanba…thanks for the reference to my blog.

  12. Chakra says:

    hi PK

    Kizhakku Pathipagam stall la “Salman Rushdie” pathi oru book irukkum. Authored by N. Chokkan. Adhai vaangi paarunga… Acknowledgement la thalaivar (naan daan) peru irukkum.

    “romba mukkiyam” nu solradhu kaadhula vizhudhu…

    I do miss the Chennai Book Fairs… I am making my sis visit the fair 4 times already.. everytime, I ask her for few new titles. Hopefully, I will be around during the next fair.

  13. prabukarthik says:


    ahaa vanga vanga
    aama andha book parthen, but acknowledgements ellam pakalai…
    unga peru edhuku vandhudhu? apdi enna valubale information provide pannineenga?

    yen idhaye vechu unga blog a marupadiyum start panna koodadhu?i’m sure it will make for interesting reading

    just my 2 cents..

    indha varusham i heard the number of books sold has exceeded 1 crore!

  14. Chakra says:

    Well… that book got released some 2+ yrs back. As Rushdie was brought up in UK, I helped the author to get some trivial information.. I even blogged abt this when I started blogging in 2003.

    Will take your words and am returning back to blogging.

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